The Drama for Life Annual Conference and Festival during COVID-19

The 12th Annual Drama for life Conference and festival in partnership with ASSITEJ SA, MASIDLALE: EXPLORING CONNECTION took place from the 20th-24th August, 2020

The Conference and festival had to adapt very quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic. We made the decision to shift the conference and festival online to observe social distancing protocols. The event was then shaped in response to the global pandemic to create a new and relevant platform for the professional development of the Drama For Life and ASSITEJ SA communities.

This year’s conference was the first ever to be hosted as an online event and attracted a large local and international audience.

MASIDLALE: EXPLORING CONNECTION aimed to cater for an inter-generational audience and had a number of events for children, teenagers, adults, scholars and students.

The Conference aimed to explore the following vital questions:

  • How do we play, explore and co-create now?
  • How can the Arts respond to disconnection?
  • How do we ‘come together’ to create during this time?
  • How can theatre be reimagined as a place for healing and connection?
  • Who are our collaborators and how do we journey together?

Please read more in the full attached report of MASIDLALE: EXPLORING CONNECTION