Drama for Life International Conference and Festival

Drama for Life International Conference & Festival is an annual event that presents cutting edge research, performances, installations, dialogues, trainings and workshops that enhance the knowledge-base and experience of artists, community artists, arts healers and arts therapists, arts and cultural leaders and managers, arts educators , arts academics and arts researchers, and arts activists

The conference and festival has a broad focus on local, regional and global 21st Century concerns, including:

  • Trauma, social justice and restitution through the Arts;
  • Building a human rights culture through Arts Activism;
  • Climate change, environmental and the role of the Applied Arts;
  • Popular culture, nationalism and the rise of fascism and violence amongst youth;
  • Sexual health and wellbeing through Arts Education;
  • Arts therapies, mental health and wellness;
  • Arts, migration and the refugee crisis;
  • Arts therapies and healing practices in conflict and post-conflict contexts;
  • Arts, public space and site performance;
  • Arts, culture and an evolutionary leadership;
  • Children, youth and theatre.

11th International Drama for Life Conference & Festival will be held in Johannesburg, September/November 2019. A call for proposals / applications will be announced in June 2019.

For more information, please email Caryn Green at caryn.green@wits.ac.za