Drama for Life in partnership with IDIERI.10, 26 May 2022

Arts Education Symposia: Navigating Mess & Complexity in Uncertain Times

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Focus for 2022

Drama for Life: let us breathe together

Drama For Life is excited about its intention for this year and beyond. Watch our video that introduces you to our arts centre, our intention for this year and beyond, and our approach, values and pedagogy.

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Academic programme

About our academic programme

Drama for Life rejects functional interpretations of Applied Drama that reduce the field to a limited technical approach. Applied Drama is about the creation of critical reflective pedagogies, spaces and aesthetic forms that give rise to alternative ways of being in the world.

Call for conference proposals and performances

Drama for Life in partnership with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology presents: Performing Democracy The fire. The fight. The fiction? Conference dates: 16-19 August 2021

This online conference results from a long-standing collaboration between two centres of applied theatre education and research in South Africa and Norway (2017- 2022). It invites knowledge, critical conversations and artistic work related to issues of democracy, both historical and contemporary, within the global framework of our current (post)-democracies.

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