Drama for Life presents the 13th Annual Conference and Festival in partnership with NTNU


What the conference is about

To everyone coming to the conference and everyone contributing, participating, observing, popping in, or just lurking on the fringes, our intention is that you will find breathing space with us.

When the pandemic and its impact impairs our capacity to take deep breaths and make us gasp for air, literally and metaphorically, we invite you to come to breathe together with us.

When you feel increasingly invisible, ineffectual and silenced, bring your presence, your story, your voice. We want this conference to perform a democratic moment of making visible the invisible, making the silence roar with voices. You count, you matter.

The big question we are asking of this conference is: in the face of the post-democracy, how do we build collective courage and hope?

Event Programme

Performing Democracy


16-19 August 2021