Short Course Programme


Our short course programme consists of the following accredited courses:

Introduction Courses:

Introduction to Playback Theatre, Introduction to Applied Performing Arts & Arts Management for Youth, Drama Therapy, Introduction to Theatre in Education, Introduction to Theatre of the Oppressed: Image Theatre, Process Drama, Theatre-Making, Applied Drama Techniques for adolescent HIV/AIDS education, Introduction to Expressive Movement Therapy, Introduction to Applied Drama Facilitation Techniques, Introduction to Theatre-Making techniques and strategies for Youth, Stories of Identity: Using theatre to build community through personal narratives.

Intermediate Courses:

Advanced Skills in Playback Theatre, Applied Performing Arts & Arts Management for Youth, Drama Therapy, Theatre in Education, Theatre of the Oppressed: Forum Theatre, Process Drama, Theatre-Making.

Advanced Courses:

Role Theory in Drama Therapy, Developmental Transformations, Advanced Expressive Movement Therapy, Advanced Applied Drama techniques for adolescent education, Advanced skills in Theatre of the Oppressed, Advanced Applied Performing Arts and Arts Management for Youth, Psycho-social Training in Playback Theatre, New Histories, New Consciousness in Cultural Leadership, Performance Dialogues for Social Transformation, Internship Supervision in Clinical, Psycho-education, and Community-based Drama Therapy.

Fields of Study:

  • Drama Therapy
  • Playback Theatre
  • Cultural Leadership
  • Performance Ethnography
  • Facilitation in Applied Drama for Adolescent Education
  • Applied Drama in Corporate Setting
  • Applied Preforming Arts and Arts Management for Youth
  • Psychodrama & Sociometry
  • Movement Therapy
  • Facilitation in Diversity Training
  • Theatre for Young Audience